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Yoga workshop

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Luglio: I seminari di IYENGAR YOGA del fine settimana

Seminari di Iyengar Yoga a Genova tutti i finesettimana di Luglio: 4-5; 11-12; 18-19; 25-26
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July International 2020

4 weeks of July: 30-05 ; 07-12 ; 14- 19 ; 21-26
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Seminario Iyengar Yoga a Klagenfurt

Fare seminari di Iyengar Yoga in Austria da 7 anni
From: 8/19/2019 To: 8/24/2019

Settimana di Iyengar Yoga con Francesca Ferrero

Una Settimana di Iyengar® Yoga ad Agosto, conduce le classi l'insegnante Intermediate Junior II Francesca Ferrero
From: 9/7/2019 To: 9/8/2019

Iyengar® Yoga Retreat in Algarve,With Stefano and Francesca September the 7th and 8th

On 7 and 8 September, in the context of the Algarve, in the Guest House of Monte Rosa, the Iyengar® Yoga seminar is held with Junior Teachers II Stefano and Francesca
From: 9/28/2019 To: 9/29/2019

Iyengar® Yoga Workshop with Stefano Bendandi in Klagenfort

Iyengar® Yoga Workshop in Austria
From: 10/4/2019 To: 10/6/2019

IYENGAR® Yoga Workshop With Stefano Bendandi in Larnaca, Cyprus

Certified Intermediate Junior II IYENGAR® Yoga teacher in Larnaca for a 3 days workshop
From: 10/9/2019 To: 10/13/2019

Iyengar® Yoga a Limassol, Cyprus with Stefano Bendandi

Iyengar® Yoga a Limassol, Cyprus: General Class 9,10,11 ; workshop 12-13 October
From: 10/19/2019 To: 10/20/2019

19 e 20 Ottobre: Seminario Iyengar Yoga a Fiume, Rijeka, Croazia

Seminario di Iyengar Yoga di Stefano Bendandi in Croazia
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